~ Yoga for Everyone ~


I have been doing yoga consistently since 2011, when I first walked into a neighborhood yoga studio in Brooklyn, New York.  After a few years of improving my practice and developing a love for yoga, I decided that I needed to share the benefits of yoga with others. In September 2015, I began the 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Jaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York and a week before my 50th birthday, in January of 2016, I graduated from the teacher training program; it was a process that I found both both humbling and transformative.


I am excited to offer a yoga practice to all who want to explore the practice of mind, body and movement.  I encourage everyone, of all body types, ages and gender to move and flow in yoga.  I am compassionate and supportive of all body-types and encourage the use of props to promote fluidity of movement in space. I am a native New Yorker, of Puerto Rican descent and want to encourage everyone of all enthincities to practice yoga. 


The use of props has personally transformed my practice and has provided a new relationship between the space of my mat and the range of movement of my body.  It is exhilarating to be able to move in space with beautiful flow of movement, creating different shapes in space that lengthen and strengthen the body and allowing the props to provide space, balance and extension of the body further enhancing my practice.  As an environmental psychologist, the choreography of space, place and kinesiology and its effect on socio-emotional space has brought my life to full circle, to a composition of complex constructs that make up what I call “my Life”.  The combination of learning how to breathe and move accompanied by different poses and its connection to mind and body is yoga.