~ Yoga for Everyone ~


I offer yoga classes for beginners and advanced practitioners. Yoga poses are active vinyasa flow for basic, intermediate levels, restorative, gentle and chair yoga, breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Classes include sun salutations and a series of twelve steps that start with centering and end in Savasana. Trained in philosophy of Pantajali’s eight-limbs of yoga, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. 


Please read below for class descriptions.  All are available for private individuals or small groups. To schedule private sessions, please contact for prices and availability.


Basic:  This class is an introduction to basic yoga postures, (āsanas), with an emphasis on centering the body, breathing (pranayama) exercises, alignment, and strength building for foundation and some meditation at times is included.  Students new to yoga can start in basic or gentle yoga.

Gentle: This class is for practitioners who are new to yoga and would like to explore the poses at a slower pace or need to take it easy because of a variety of reasons: recovering from injuries, and or illness.  Gentle movements with physical modifications can create a flow that is slower, but covers the same poses as in a basic class.  The use of props will be strongly encouraged.

Intermediate: This class offers the same poses as in basic classes, but more challenging postures are introduced and explored. Detailed instructions are offered to encourage alignment and further enhance your practice.

Chair: In this class yoga is done in a chair (seated or standing).  The difference between using a chair and doing basic yoga is that yoga poses are adapted from the traditional postures and the chair is used for support.  Chair yoga includes centering, warm-up, basic yoga postures and a focus on breathing and meditation is offered to give maximum results for a peaceful mind and joyful spirit.

Restorative: This class is meant for deep rest and relaxation to cultivate healing and mindfulness.  Poses are all in reclined and supinated postures with the use of props.  The intention of this class is to enjoy some down time and blissful rest.